An Announcement


Hello friends & fans,


As life and business goes, sometimes we need to make pivotal changes to keep things moving forward. After a lot of thought and soul searching I have decided to change the direction of Forrester’s Creative to enhance both the space and overall member and customer experience.


Forrester’s Creative will be moving away from the public makerspace model. Membership will now be by application only, with the goal of no more than 15 members at any given time. The new membership model is geared more towards artists, crafters, and makers who:


  • …have interest in learning from and conveying knowledge to a small variety of creatives with different skill sets and end products
  • …would like to focus on creation and let the studio deal with online sales, show schedules, and craft/antique shop booths
  • …are interested in teaching their art, craft, or skill to a public audience in the form of hosting workshops and classes.
  • …would like to help steer the direction of new equipment and supply choices at Forrester’s Creative
  • …are interested in being a personality on the Forrester’s Creative YouTube page by participating in teaching or following tutorials on camera.


What’s staying the same?

  • We will still offer periodic classes and workshops. Be sure to check out the event calendar on our website!
  • We still offer event space rental to those interested in teaching their own workshops or having arts & crafts related meetups.
  • Need something 3D Printed? Fill out the 3D Print request form on our website, we are accepting commissions.
  • Any other creative commission work. Looking for a niche item or artwork for your event, home decor, or other project? If we can’t do it we can point you in the direction of an artist or maker who can.


Thank you for your support as we find our voice and purpose.

Jessie Forrester

Founder, Forrester’s Creative